Emergency Pressure Relief — Proper overpressure protection not only involves the sizing and selection of a pressure relief device but must include a complete evaluation of the upstream and downstream piping components and equipment associated with the relief device. As Process Safety professionals we validate that the “relief system” is designed to function as needed in the event of an overpressure scenario.

Components of a Complete Design

  • Gap Analysis of Existing Systems & Documents
  • Field Walk-down and Data Mining
  • Hazard Review/Controlling Scenario Identification
  • Relief Device System Hydraulic Evaluation
  • Reaction Force and System Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Noise Evaluation
  • Release Dispersion Modeling
  • Report with Complete Documentation
  • Pipe Stress Analysis

KEY Engineering, Inc. provides the following for Emergency Pressure Relief Project Design:

  • A complete hazard review and controlling relief scenario selection.
  • Required relief flow rate calculations for single phase, two phase, single and multi-component materials.
  • Sizing and selection of relief device.
  • A complete hydraulic evaluation to ensure that required relief flow rates can be sustained.
  • Reaction force calculations and detailed pipe stress analyses.
  • Chemical dispersion evaluations for accidental releases of toxic and flammable materials.